Welcome! I am a Rutherford Discovery Fellow at the University of Otago, New Zealand, and a part of the  Otago space physics group. Our group studies a variety of topics in astrophysical plasma physics fluid dynamics. We focus on understanding how basic dynamical processes – e.g., instabilities and  turbulence – affect astrophysical systems and processes like the solar wind, stars, galaxy clusters, accretion disks, planet formation, the interstellar medium, and cosmic rays. Our research involves a mix of analytic “pen and paper” theory, numerical simulations, and code development.

Our group at Otago 

Please visit our research page or publications for more information. If you are interested in joining the group, please shoot me an email at  jonathan.squire [at] otago [dot] ac [dot] nz

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A standing shear-Alfvén wave, simulated using the hybrid-kinetic PIC code Pegasus. As the wave oscillates, it is “interrupted” and excites the firehose instability.

About me

I grew up in Dunedin, New Zealand, doing an undergraduate degree in physics with music on the side at the Univerity of Otago. I then went to Princeton University for graduate school, funded by a Fulbright Science and Technology fellowship, and studied at the Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory, graduating in 2015. After 2.5 years as a Sherman Fairchild postdoctoral fellow at the Caltech astronomy department, I decided I wanted to come back to New Zealand, making the return to Otago in 2018.

PhD Projects

If you are interested in a PhD project, please send me an email. We have several different projects available, mostly focused on the heating of the solar corona and solar wind turbulence. Otago has a generous PhD scholarship program, which is open to both domestic and international students.