PHSI170 — a fun first-year introductory astronomy course at the University of Otago, taught along with Prof. Craig Rodger. If you want to learn about the night sky, the end of the universe, or the amazing physics of black holes (which we can now see directly) consider signing up for next summer!

PHSI331 – Quantum, Atomic, and Particle physics. Taught with Dr. Danny Baillie & Dr. Amita Deb

Otago Scholarship Physics

Most weeks, I post a NZQA-scholarship-level physics problem to our Facebook page. We try to make them interesting and fun, covering a variety of different concepts. Here’s a tricky puzzle I quite enjoyed:

Some pictures from outreach events –

Demonstrating how to watch the solar eclipse with a Ritz cracker at the 
Caltech eclipse viewing party, 2017. 

“Astronomy on Tap” public talk on planet formation